Andy Myer has been in the business of creating humorous words and images his entire career. His most recent and joyful endeavor is as a children's book author/illustrator (see his children's book page for the books already in print.

Humorous illustration has been his longest pursuit, and over the years he's brought his engaging visual style and wry humor to just about every topic imaginable: science, technology, medicine, finance, government, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, sports and fitness, trade and industry, and educational publishing.

Andy's also become an adept corporate communications consultant, with a decade of experience designing and writing exemplary internal communications publications for four divisions of Johnson & Johnson.

A brief history of Andy in his own words...

I grew up near Buffalo, NY. Go ahead. Make your jokes, I'll wait.

Finished? OK then.

I graduated from Carnegie-Mellon University, 1973.

I got my first real job at Chilton Publishing in Radnor, PA (you probably never heard of them unless you worked on cars back in the day). Cut my teeth on pubs like Jewelers Circular Keystone, Motor Age, and Food Engineering. Pretty exciting stuff!

I began my freelance career, 1979. Thirty-three  years later, I've had clients ranging from Sports Illustrated and People Magazine to a doctor who wanted T-shirts for his Harley motorcycle club reunion in the Poconos.

1979-Present: I've had assorted part-time gigs: patent office illustrator (best assignment - a flying saucer diagram that I was  told was a RUSH), working as a writer for a lottery magazine (I actually heard some pretty amusing stories), elementary school substitute teacher for an inner city school system (the twitching has subsided),  and as a copy editor for a contact lens scientific journal (EEEESSSSHHHH).


Joined the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) in 2009, and published my first book a year later.

Oh, and I'm married 40 years to my wife Sandi, and have three amazing daughters and six incredible grandchildren.